Artwork Inventory

-Never worry about your artwork inventory. Reduce the paper clutter and never lose the information again.

-Enter key information about each piece of artwork inventory you hold, its locations, size, condition, item no, storage rack and more.. Customized and drop down fields make it easy to fill in.

-Upload multiple hi-res images (close ups, alternate views), & multiple files to track important documents in one place. (receipts, appraisals, certificates, catalogs, etc)

–Artpro’s comprehensive inventory management comes with unlimited storage

-Keep all your artworks that you sell or collect and it’s detailed information in one place.

–In a glance know where your inventory is, its value worth, and more…

–Manage and archive your artwork collection digitally

-Customized fields to suit your business

-Import artwork worksheets available

Barcode Scanning

-Barcode scanning inventory & asset tracking system with catalog & order management.

-Each piece of inventory is monitored & tracked throughout the process.

-From the moment it is received in the gallery to the final delivery to the customer, the unit is recorded & monitored.

Keywords, Notes, Tags & Search Filter

-Powerful search & filter tools with keywords, notes, & tags to custom sort. Allows you to work fast with category search

-Sort, organizes and displays the artworks and data efficiently so that the information is readily accessible in a variety of ways for you to view and manage

Accounting & Invoice

-Generate invoices fast and easy. NO more copy & paste!

-Track status of sales , dates paid, collection of payments, mode of payment, & artist payments. Ready to use management solutions to keep accurate records.

-Capture and track all expenses and costs on artworks to price accurately. Keep multiple costs (framing,shipping, repairs) for every piece of artwork

-Calculates your ROI for every piece of artwork sold

-Allows multiple price points (artist costs, list price, sell price)

-Calculate discounts, tax, and net profit to manage your business

-Process sales, artist payments and invoices in multiple currencies


-Displaying a graph can make it easier to grasp the overall picture and uncover trends/opportunities

-Create quality professional reports to view artwork inventory, values, & sales history

-Monitor inventory stock levels in multiple locations and sales for best selling artworks

-Discover opportunities, and make mgmt. decisions based on accurate up-to-date information

-Choose multiple reporting styles

-Export reports for financial , insurance and management records

-Summaries, graph, statistics - summary of records in the database can give you some insight into distribution of your artwork inventory & data.

-Create quality professional reports to view artwork inventory, insurance values,ownership values & sales history

-Export & print feature for all reports

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

(Never lose important art contacts again)

-Build profiles of artist, collectors, galleries, framers, restorers, auction houses, suppliers

-Manage detailed information for every person you do business with

-Cross reference every transaction for collector, artwork sold, invoice, & artist

-Sales & history purchase of your collectors to increase sales and maintain relationships. Create customer preferences and the artworks they collect

-Gain customer insight to discover opportunities and generate leads

-Tag an artwork with keywords to search and track client interests

Email marketing

-Email, print, export functions are in a presentable template format with a click of a button, no more cut & paste.

-Create custom email list for marketing campaigns

-ArtPro makes it easy to email an artwork, proposal, invoice, delivery order in a snap

-Easily export via CSV file

Consignment Notes & Delivery Orders

-Generate consignment notes & delivery orders instantly with artwork image,detailed information, customized terms & conditions.

Curate, Projects, Exhibition Lists, Labels

-Print labels: print selected artwork on label format

-Manage and generate exhibition lists for art fairs, curated shows, gallery exhibitions, proposals and presentations in a click

-Real time updating allows for teams to curate, preview, and select, amend on the go to save time & paper.

Ownership-Consignment-On Loan-Commission

-Track and manage the ownership status of artworks – owned, consignment, co-owned, commission, with flexibility to create your own.

-Capture key information on artwork ownership ; dates, foreign currency exchange rates, commission details, artist costs, special notes, etc.

Multiple Currencies, Multiple Locations, Multiple Users, Multiple Language

(Everything is better in multiples, get it all here in ArtPro)

-Capture and store important detail information on pricing, (supporting multiple currencies) expenses, and art values in multiple locations

-Every Pro/Premium account will have multiple users, collaborating together to generate more sales, manage artworks, contact lists and analyze reports.

-Manage all artworks in multiple locations for a consolidated view of operations, with easy reference to always know where your art is!

-Work in your language preference. ArtPro supports multiple language usage.

Viewing Room

-Custom presentation slideshows in viewing room creates a full screen image for proposals & private viewing, & sharing your artworks with collectors & friends.

-Custom slideshows in viewing room makes proposing artworks to sell or collect a seamless task.

-View on tablet, ipad & mobile.

Sales & Marketing

-Sales & history purchase of your collectors to increase sales and maintain relationships. Create customer preferences and the artworks they collect

-Gain customer insight to discover opportunities and generate leads

-Tag an artwork with keywords to search and track client interests


-Easy to use, reduces time spent on training for new staff and keeps all records safe and confidential

-Dashboard tracks and records all activities done by users to manage work history and accountability

-Choose from pre-defined collection types, status and customize fields to suit your collection or business for fast and easy start up

-Personalize & customize to set your personal preferences. All settings are easily accessible and can be changed to suit your collection the way you want

-Eliminate duplicate work. Input the contact and artwork information once, and ArtPro automatically keeps it on record everytime you add an artwork to your inventory.

-Secure to make your artwork investments & operations organized and efficient.

-Create quality, professionally looking documents, collection inventory reports, inventory & sales summaries, collection catalogues, and more

Support & Software Upgrades

-Support every step of the way.

-Continual software upgrades

-Support contact center with prompt response time

-Support representative assigned to you

Shared Files(New)

-Share artwork files with images & detailed information. Name it and send it. When shared, your private files will be instantly accessible with hi-res images..

-View & select files to be downloaded and automatically upload into your ArtPro inventory acct. Work faster. More creative, less process

-Unlimited file sharing works great for artist & galleries. Sales & marketing to collectors, designers, projects & proposals. The possibilities are endless with great benefits and ease for all.

ArtFriend App

-Give your Gallery a mobile online presence with ArtFriend App.

-Widen your reach to a global audience to sell art.

-Integrated with ArtPro to upload artworks

-Download iOS || Android

-Visit ArtFriend website